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Cafe Door Hinges

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Cafe Door Hinges, sometimes called Butler Door Hinges, allow you to have a door that is easy to open and that swings both ways. These doors allow you to pass through with ease even with both arms full which is what made them so popular in restaurants. These versatile hinges can also be used to create classic looking saloon or bar doors which are guaranteed to charm visitors. Once installed not only will your door open in both directions but the nylon gravity pivot will return the door to a closed position and a built in stay will prevent the doors from closing if they are left at a full open position. This hinge set has all you need to hang two doors including fasteners and is recommended for door panels that are between 3/4´´ and 1 3/4´´ thick. These Cafe Door hinges are made from steel with a polished brass finish.

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Home > Rockler > Hardware > Project Hardware
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