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Carvers Mallets - Select Option

Carvers Mallets - Select Option Ma-12 Carving Mallet (#44495)The "eWood is Good"e line of quiet mallets is guaranteed unbreakable. The heads are made of a tough urethane material designed to be quiet and yet able to transmit the maximum blow to the tool. The handles are beautifully turned out of selected, premium New England Hardwoods. They are polish sanded. The 12 ounce mallet uses our small urethane head of 2 3/4"e diameter.20 oz Carvers Mallet (#44479)Carvers 20oz Mallet Beautifully balanced with a handle of fine New England hardwood Carefully kiln dried, selected for no defects and turned to a silky feel and sanded to a silky smoothness. The green head is molded from a urethane material which is easy on your tool handles as they spread the load over a larger area. You may never need to replace a broken tool handle again!

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