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Celtic Twist Pen Hardware Kit, Antique Pewter

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Celtic Twist Pen Hardware Kit, Antique Pewter This intricately decorated pen will make a cherished gift for anyone, especially for those who hail from a Celtic heritage. While Scotland, Ireland and Wales are perhaps the best known ´´Celtic nations,´´ the traditions and history extend throughout the British Isles and across the Atlantic into Europe and America. Millions of Americans identify proudly with their Celtic roots. An engraved Celtic knot motif decorates the exposed sections, while an emerald colored ´´cabochon´´ adorns the end. With its unbroken cord, the Celtic knot aptly symbolizes the winding, cyclical nature of life. The details in the engraving are accentuated by the authentic patina in the finish. Try it with a green blank to highlight the Celtic theme. All components are made from solid brass with a plated finish.

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