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Rockler Civil War Officer´s Chair Downloadable Plan

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Civil War Officer´s Chair Downloadable Plan

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A piece of classic Americana, this folding chair holds a place in our nation´s history. One item of furniture that seemed to be everywhere during the Civil War was a particular style of folding chair that was very popular with officers. These chairs were common before the war — they were the mid-19th century equivalent of the folding chairs nearly everyone today has stashed in a closet — but once the army started moving, officers both North and South took these chairs with them. By war´s end, thousands more were manufactured to meet the demand. It´s no wonder we see them so frequently in the photographic record. Usually made of oak, these chairs featured a carpet or tapestry seat and, while it might not be apparent, it was that fabric seat that held the chair in its upright position — remove the fabric and the chair collapses. The chairs folded flat for storage or transport; pivoting joints were anchored with mild-steel rivets, the most common method of the day.

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