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Combi-Cam Ultra Lock Cylinder

Combi-Cam Ultra Lock Cylinder This high-security cam lock offers the convenience of combination access and the option purchase a master key for keyed override. Unlike other dual-access locks, the Combi-Cam Lock master key can be used to retrieve and reset the lock´s combination if lost. The Combi-Cam opens with the turn of a user-friendly knob on the face of the lock - with no bulky housing to twist, it won´t mar adjacent surfaces.The heavy duty die-cast Combi-Cam Ultra Lock replaces any standard 3/4"e cam lock and can be set to any of 10,000 possible combinations. The optional master key (sold separately) provides key override and the ability to reset combinations. Additional Features:Pick-resistant keyways with over 50,000 key codes availableEasy to read dials and open and close indicatorsCombination is set in 3 easy stepsCan be installed vertically or horizontallyCam can be placed in 180 degree or 90 degree increments1-1/8"e cylinder

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