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Complete Manual of Wood Bending Book

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Throw some curves into your woodworking with this comprehensive manual on the art of bending wood. You´ll learn the secrets of steam bending, bent lamination and countless clever methods for machining curved parts. Build an inexpensive steam box from readily available equipment: a tea kettle, a deep fryer or a camp stove. Whatever your project, you´ll find the fundamental solutions for curved elements here. Detailed photographs, illustrations and helpful tips from wood-bending expert Lon Schleining throughout. 208 pages.About the Author:Lon Schleining teaches woodworking at Cerritos College in California and has been a professional stairbuilder for the past 20 years.Includes: Introduction A Quick Guide to Curved Wood Part One: Design, Planning, Drawing Part Two: Milling Parts from Solid Lumber Part Three: Lamination-Bending Part Four: Steam Bending Part Five: Combining Techniques and Other Methods Appendix 1: Machine Safety Appendix 2: Glossary Appendix 3: Sources of Supply Index

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