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Curly Maple Sold by the Piece-3/4"e Thickness

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Curly Maple Sold by the Piece-3/4&quote Thickness This curly soft maple is highly figured with tiger-striped rays running perpendicular to the grain pattern. Along with the wood´s light color, this striping lends a shimmering quality to the lumber. Even unfinished, the wood has a very pleasing interaction with light. It is no surprise, then, that curly maple has become a woodworker´s favorite for accents, specialty furniture, musical instruments, and more. To make the figure in this curly maple really "epop"e, we recommend using an oil product (tung, linseed, etc.), as opposed to a stain. If a lacquer or urethane finish is necessary, adding a coat or two of clear wax-free shellac before the final finishing will ensure that the figure stands out.

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