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Rockler Diamond-Tuff Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Diamond-Tuff Anti-Fatigue Mat

SKU: GRP32335 ID: 524073469

Your feet will thank you for the instant relief that these premium 9/16" thick Diamond-Tuff shop mats provide. Diamond-Tuff mats are made from a 3/8" foam base laminated to a rugged 3/16" thick vinyl top layer that is waterproof for easy cleanup of spills and incredible durability. They relieve soreness and fatigue in your legs and back, and provide a barrier against cold shop floors. All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards.Features:Offers top-level durabilityRugged diamond-plate pattern provides no-slip treadFloor mat material: 3/8" closed cell foam base laminated to a rugged 3/16" thick spill-proof vinyl top layerBeveled anti-trip edgesAvailable in several sizes

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