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Disposable Glue Brushes (6 pack)

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Disposable Glue Brushes (6 pack) Save time, save glue, and save having to wash glued up hands with this Pack of Disposable Glue Brushes! The 1/2"e wide x 7/8"e long horsehair bristle lets you apply just the right amount of glue and spread it evenly over your target. Doing so results in a cleaner joint with less glue getting squeezed out when you enter your clamping phase. Also ideal for small stain or paint jobs. 5-1/4"e long metal handle makes it easy to direct glue, paint, or stain right where you want it to go.Features:Keeps glue on your project, not on your hands or clothingLet´s you apply just the right amount of glue resulting in less "esqueeze out"e during the clamping processIdeal for small stain or paint jobs

Only $2.99 at Rockler.com

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