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Dowelmax Jr. Doweling Jig

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The new Dowelmax Jr. is a highly versatile and adjustable device that enables the creation of perfect joints that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes, and that are independently destructive test proven to be stronger than comparable mortise and tenon joints. The Dowelmax Jr. device consists of the core components of the world famous Dowelmax Classic and is the best system on the market for creating flush, miter, face type, t-type and edge-to-edge lamination joints using 3/8" dowels. Additionally, using simple shop made spacers, or precision machined spacers (2 included with the Dowelmax Jr), the jig can be adjusted to complete offset joints. The Jr. is fully compatible with, and upgradeable to the Dowelmax classic system. No measuring is required; simply place check marks on the work pieces to be joined, and then align the end of Dowelmax Jr. with the end of the first work piece, so that the check marks on the device correspond with the check marks on the work piece. Then drill, and repeat the process for the second work piece. Perfect alignment of all joints is guaranteed because the precise spacing and alignment of the five precision machined drill guides is maintained exactly the same for both work pieces. The design of Dowelmax Jr., coupled with rigorously maintained manufacturing tolerances, ensures that the device is accurate and repeatable from work piece to work piece, and through any adjustment.For even greater functionality, add the optional 1/4" drill guide package for use with 1/2" and 5/8" stock. With 1" thick work pieces, use a 1/8" spacer plate (included with the Dowelmax Jr. and the 1/4" Drill Guide Package).

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