Rockler Dremel® 3d Printer Build Sheets, 3-Pack

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Dremel® 3d Printer Build Sheets, 3-Pack

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Dremel build sheets are made from a thin self-adhesive plastic that is adhered to the build plate of your Dremel 3D20-01 3D Printer (#55639, sold separately). With a fresh sheet applied, the filament coming out of the extruder will adhere more strongly to the plate, preventing slippage that would otherwise result in a failed build. The build sheets are also formulated to allow for easy removal after the print is finished. Since it is applied as a single sheet, it´s far easier to adhere and remove than other types of build tape. It is also significantly more durable than commonly used build tapes such as blue painter´s tape. Features: Each sheet lasts for up to 100 builds Single sheets allows for quick, bubble-free application Easy removal with no sticky residue Sized specifically to fit the build plate on your Dremel 3D Idea Builder

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