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Rockler Drill Doctor® 750X Bit Sharpener

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Drill Doctor® 750X Bit Sharpener

SKU: 24751 ID: 558291938 UPC: 662949036825

Don´t let dull drill bits slow you down! Top-of-the-line professional bit sharpener from Drill Doctor is built to handle larger drill bits - up to 3/4"e - and offers additional custom flexibility. Sharpen dull and broken drill bits in less than 60 seconds, including high-speed steel, black oxide, masonry, TiN coated, cobalt, carbide, split point and custom bit angles from 115° to 140°.Features:Sharpens 3/32"e-3/4"e bits with one heavy-duty chuckWith durable metal sharpening and split-point portsQuick-change diamond sharpening wheelNew custom point lets you choose any angle from 115° to 140°New adjustable material take-off allows you to touch up a slightly dull bit or deep grind a heavily damaged bitQuick-change diamond sharpening wheel is easy to replace without tools after hundreds of sharpeningsWith variable alignment to adjust chisel and relief anglesCreate self-centering split points in any drill bitPatented dual-cam sharpening system lets you sharpen bits with a few easy turnsPlastic housing is double insulated and impact resistant

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