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Dust Right® Cord and Hose Hook Our multi-purpose Cord and Hose Hook keeps cords and hoses neatly organized and off the floor, resulting in less wear-and-tear on them, and a safer work environment for you. In one sturdy bracket, you get a total of four support hooks: one large hook at the bottom for a 4´´ dust hose, a medium-sized hook in the middle, generously dimensioned for several air hoses, and two smaller hooks, each capable of accommodating up to two power cords or extension cords. Purchase as many as you need to supply power and dust collection to all the tools in your shop. The Hose Hook can also be used alone for quickly suspending power cords or dust hoses at a temporary workstation—simply hang the hook from a nail and the cords and hoses from the hook. In this way, you can work in the middle of your shop without having to continually fight with the hoses.Features: Built from rigid, durable glass-filled nylon Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation (mounting screws not included) Top hook lets you hang it from a nail—ideal for temporarily routing cords and hoses to a workstation in the middle of your shop Notches on large hook allow you to secure the dust hose if desired

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