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Rockler E-Z jointer Clamp Kit

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E-Z jointer Clamp Kit

SKU: 25725 ID: 558291978 UPC: 708200000010

Straighten any length of lumber using your table saw. It´s never been easier or more economical to make straight and even edges on any size stock. No need buy a jointer with the Joint´R Clamp Kit, all you need is your table saw. Simply attach to a straight board that has been rabbeted out at the bottom, clamp it to your stock and go! Straighten crooked boards, true up rough-sawn edges, and make shallow taper cuts with positive control all in one pass with your table saw and Joint´R Clamp. Clamps can handle up to 1-1/2"e thick material, removing the pad on the end of the clamp allows you to handle up to 2" thick material.

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