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EZSmart Anti-Chip Edges, 3-Pack

EZSmart Anti-Chip Edges, 3-Pack When installed on the EZSmart guide rail, these Anti-Chip Edges, provide ´´zero-clearance´´ support, virtually eliminating tear-out and chipping along the guide rail side of the blade. Once the Anti-Chip Edge is installed, you simply run your saw through it to create the zero-clearance edge. It is then unique to the angle of the cut and the kerf of the saw blade used. You should prepare separate Anti-Chip Edges for commonly made bevel cuts, or blades that have a significantly wider or narrower kerf width.Features: Provides clean, chip-free cut lines when installed on guide rail (sold separately) No offsets to calculate—just line up the edge with your cut line When prepared, unique to the kerf of the blade and the angle of the cut Easy to install Works with EZSmart Guide Rail (sold separately)

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