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Rockler EZSmart B300 Bridge Kit

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EZSmart B300 Bridge Kit

SKU: 53638 ID: 562765183 UPC: 854668004821

With the EZSmart B300 Bridge Kit, loading and offloading materials for cutting with your track saw system is easier than ever. Simply slide your material under your guide rail (sold separately), then pull the lever to lower the rail onto your material. When the cut is finished, push the lever to raise the guide rail so you can remove the piece. There is no need to remove your saw, and no need to move an unwieldy guide rail around or stand it against the wall as you load a new piece. The bridge also applies pressure so no clamps are needed to secure your work. The B300 Bridge Kit can be used on a DIY workbench or with the EZSmart Multiform Master Table (#50791, sold separately).Features:Use to mount your EZSmart, Festool®, Makita®, or DeWalt® guide rail to any workbenchEasily raise or lower the guide rail with one easy motionOnce lowered, the guide rail holds the material securely in place for fast, safe cuttingBridge has the capacity to cut anything from the thinnest plywood to timbers up to 5´´ thickHeavy duty construction for smooth operation and long life

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