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Rockler EZSmart Universal Edge Guide With Universal Saw Base

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EZSmart Universal Edge Guide With Universal Saw Base

SKU: 53970 ID: 551925486 UPC: 854668004098

The EZSmart Universal Edge Guide turns nearly any circular saw into a precise, versatile cutting tool for both dimensional lumber and large panels. Thanks to the extra long fence, it makes perfectly straight, repeatable cuts and provides a stable reference until the saw has completely exited the cut. In addition, the included zero-clearance inserts prevent tear-out, while the fin insert prevents kickback. Rather than lugging a heavy 4´ x 8´ panel to your table saw, the Universal Edge Guide lets you bring a lightweight saw to the panel, enhancing both ease and safety. For this reason, it´s ideal for jobsite work or any shop where space is limited. With a maximum 24´´ cut width, you can break down 4´ x 8´ panels easily for cabinet parts, and it works with boards of any length. It´s lightweight, compact and portable. Once you´re finished—just hang it on the wall, or stow it in your truck.Features: Included Universal Saw Base fits over 90% of the left- or right-bladed 6-1/2´´, 7-1/4´´ and 8-1/4´´ circular saws currently on the market, so you don´t have to buy an expensive specialty saw Patented blade alignment tabs for easy installation Anti-chip zero-clearance inserts for ultra-clean cuts Let´s you safely cut panels in a vertical position without binding or kickback Dual guidance system uses fence and fin insert to precisely guide the saw along the cut line. Universal Saw Base can also be used free-hand or with EZSmart´s precision guide rails Maximum Saw Shoe Dimensions are 12-7/10"e length x 7-1/9"e width. Anything smaller will fit but nothing larger will

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