Rockler Earlex HV6003PUS HVLP SprayPort

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Earlex HV6003PUS HVLP SprayPort

SKU: 56153 ID: 567084545 UPC: 5016501004077

Designed for experienced woodworkers, small paint or finishing shops and even professionals on the jobsite, the Earlex HV6003PUS SprayPort lets you spray a showroom-quality finish in record time. The 6003 turbine is a step up in power and performance over the 6002 and lower models, boasting a 1200W 3-stage turbine that´s capable of quickly atomizing thin and thicker coatings. Included is the comfortably streamlined Pro-8™ Gun, built from lightweight die-cast aluminum. The Pro-8 offers excellent atomization, flexible, easily accessible controls, easy breakdown for maintenance and clean up, and great durability. Last but not least, the hose, an often neglected component of HVLP sprayers, leaves nothing to be desired. It has quick-connect functionality, is extremely lightweight, flexible and so crush-resistant that you can stand on it.Features:Compact, portable turbine cabinet with carrying handle.Pull-out hanger bracket lets you conveniently hang your gun during a pause from spraying.360° rotating air cap at the front of the gun allows complete flexibility in spray angle from horizontal to vertical and everything in between.Pattern control dial on the Pro-8™ spray gun is conveniently placed at the rear, letting you easily change the spray pattern without needing to adjust the air cap.Pattern control can be set to round for intricate detail work or an elliptical fan shape, which widens as you adjust the pattern adjuster.Capability to spray thin to thick bodied materials un-thinned.2-stage, 2-finger trigger maximizes coating control, ideal for feathering effects.Easy clean up, since only the spray gun and cup contact the coating material.Dual reticulated open cell air filters provide improved airflow and longer turbine life.25´ HyperFlex™ hose is lightweight, crush-resistant and extremely flexible.

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