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Epoxy Wood Putty Stick, 2 oz.

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Epoxy Wood Putty Stick, 2 oz. You won´t find a wood putty or wood filler stronger than these epoxy putty sticks! And using them couldn´t be easier—just cut off the amount you need, knead it together with your fingers and press it into the defect or mold it to whatever shape you need. After 20 minutes, you´ll have an incredibly strong repair that adheres tenaciously to the wood, and will not shrink. The hardened repair can be easily sanded, drilled, stained and painted to match the surrounding surface. You can even mix colors to create a custom color!Features: Bonds to wood, plastic, fiberglass, brass, nylon, aluminum and glassExcellent for filling large holes and broken corners—molds to any shapeColors are mixable for creating custom colorsNo special tools like heating irons or torches are requiredNo measuring required—hardener is encapsulated within a layer of resin; simply knead them togetherMakes durable, permanent repairsFast curing—hardens in about 20 minutes with no shrinkageMay be sanded, drilled, stained or paintedExcellent adhesion of wood to metal, wood to glass, and wood to ceramic

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