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Rockler Famowood Wood Filler-Wood Filler (6 oz)

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Famowood Wood Filler-Wood Filler (6 oz)

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Made from genuine wood flour, these fillers closely emulate the properties of real wood. They can be stained, sawed, drilled, sanded, planed and nailed, just like the real thing. They show no noticeable signs of shrinking or cracking, so you´ll only have to apply it once for a smooth repair. It spreads smoothly and evenly, and sinks into gaps. No mixing is required, and it dries in only 15 minutes. Suitable for interior or exterior use. Available in 10 colors.Instructions for use:Match wood filler color to unfinished wood. Always test filler, stain and finish combination on small areaPress wood filler into defectWhen dry, sand flush with surrounding surfacesSand and finish after approximately 15 minutesUse Famowood Solvent (#54684, sold separately) for cleanupOver time, the filler in the can may thicken. Use Famowood Solvent (#54684, sold separately) to restore wood filler to its original consistency

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