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FastCap FlushMount Drill Bit System Although FastCap products run the gamut nowadays, the company made its name with their immensely popular Peel-and-Stick Screw Caps, which hide ugly screw heads for a nice, professional look. Now they offer the FlushMount Drill Bit System, which is the perfect complement to the Screw Caps. It features a 9/16´´ carbide cutter and micro-adjustable collar that lets you sink the Screw Caps flush with the surface of the wood, providing an almost invisible patch. The system´s 1/8´´ pilot bit drills a hole for the screw shank, while the carbide cutter cuts a neat circle for the FastCap and also a countersink in the middle for a standard screw head. The micro-adjustable stop collar spins on ball-bearings so it won´t mar the wood when it comes in contact at the bottom of the drill stroke. The system can also be used to sink FastCap Powerhead screws flush with the surface.Features: All bits/cutters are fully depth adjustable to match your application.Ball-bearing stop collar controls recess depth and allows collar to stop spinning when it contacts the wood.

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