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Rockler FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door

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FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door

SKU: 43741 ID: 494721638 UPC: 663807010506

FastCap´s new 3rd Hand Magnetic Self-Closing Dust Door brings Star Trek convenience to the job site. No more fumbling with zippers every time you leave or enter your dust contained work area-just walk right through! The magnetic strip sewn into in the center flap of the door opens easily, then neatly seals itself back up behind you. It even seals itself to the metal rail along the bottom for the greatest possible dust containment. No hands are required, so if you´re toting lumber, the procedure is the same. The system is designed to work with the FastCap 3rd Hand HD Extensions (#68849, sold separately), which serve as door jambs.

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