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FastCap Miller FastBlock, 2-Pack

FastCap Miller FastBlock, 2-Pack No matter how precise you are with your machining, sometimes you get a drawer front that doesn´t sit perfectly flat against the face of the cabinet. That´s where the enhanced adjustability of the Miller FastBlock comes into play, allowing you to align the drawer guides perfectly parallel, perpendicular to the cabinet face, and also adjust for height. The Miller FastBlock replaces the commonly used "eblock of wood"e or fixed spacer with an adjustable drawer guide mounting system. Simply hold the Miller FastBlock on the back side of the face frame, adjust the block flush with the edge of the face frame and mount to the back of the drawer guide. You can also use two Miller FastBlocks per side to block out drawer guides for pull-out shelves.Features:Durable and permanentFlippable adjustment block accepts both wood screws and euro screwsGreat for face frame cabinets, euro cabinets and pull-out shelvesAdjustment block can be paired with a wood spacer to accommodate any spacing required

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