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FastCap Wood Washers, Packs of 10 and 50

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FastCap Wood Washers, Packs of 10 and 50 With the help of FastCap´s new Wood Washers, you can now effectively turn any tapered head wood screw into a Powerhead screw with the extra holding power of a 1"e head. The Wood Washers have a countersunk hole that the screw tucks into for a neat, flat appearance, and with the head neatly seated, you´ll have less breakage than with ordinary washers. The generous flat area acts like a bolt with a fender washer-perfect for shop jigs with slot adjustments, or for attaching table tops with slotted cleats to allow for wood movement. They´re also ideal for assembly in thin or fragile materials such as OSB, where pull-through would be a concern.Technical Details:Works with #6 and #8 bugle, flat or countersunk screws.Wood Washer measures 1"e in diameter.

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