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FastCap® Mag Shims

SKU: 57446 ID: 550265764 UPC: 663807048615

These magnetic shims can be stacked or ´´split´´ to create a handy setup block from 1/16´´ to 1-1/8´´ thick, in 1/16´´ increments. Use them to set dado depths, router bit and drill bit heights, and distances from your router table fence to the bit. No more stooping down and squinting at a wobbly tape measure while you rotate a sharp blade with your fingers. Mag Shims sit firmly on the surface, and can be used as a solid block, or fanned open to create a staggered block when setting blade and bit heights.Features: Sticks to any ferrous surface for safe, convenient storage and easy access High visibility—won´t be accidentally swept up and tossed out Also can be used as 1/8´´ shims when spacing Euro style doors and drawers, and for common assembly operations Use the corners of any Mag Shim to draw the following outside radiuses: 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4", or a 1/4" inside radius

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