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Fein Starlock PLUS 4-1/2´´ Dia. Pad Sanding Set

Fein Starlock PLUS 4-1/2´´ Dia. Pad Sanding Set Expand the orbit of your oscillating multi-tool with this extra-large 4-1/2´´ sanding pad and sanding sheet assortment. The oscillating action of your OMT makes a nice alternative to random orbit sanders, as kickback on the edges is virtually eliminated. Removal rate is excellent, and it can be used with or without dust collection attached. The plastic carrier prevents damage to adjacent surfaces and the hook-and-loop attachment is quick and convenient. Features the Starlock PLUS mounting interface, which offers a solid, slip-free connection and a three-dimensional profile with improved rigidity, resulting in better power transfer. With a compatible tool, you´ll enjoy lightning-fast blade changes—simply press the tool down onto the attachment and it clicks securely into place. Never before has installing a multi-tool attachment been so easy! And since there´s no need to touch the blade during changes, you won´t burn your fingers on the hot blade after long cutting sessions. No hardware to lose—all fastening components are integrated into the tool.

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