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Rockler FlexCut® 3-Pc. Chip Carving Set

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FlexCut® 3-Pc. Chip Carving Set

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This complete 3-Pc. Chip Carving Set from Flexcut® includes everything you need to create intricate geometric or freestyle patterns! They´re also ideal for carving names on boxes, address blocks, wall plaques, and other objects, turning your project into a personalized keepsake. You get a Chip Carving Knife, Mini-Chip Carving Knife, and a Skew Knife, all with carbon-steel blades that are precision-machined and heat treated to harden the cutting edge so it stays sharp. Carved ash handles allow for extended use without hand fatigue. Stropping compound is included to keep knives sharp! Made in USA.Features: Flexible knives are made with edge holding steel for smoother cutting Ergonomically designed ash handles allow for long periods of carving without hand fatigue Chip-Carving Knife makes easy, smooth work of angled cuts on ornate design work Mini-Chip Carving Knife has a finder blade for carving the smallest details and perfecting your work Skew Knife is for making vertical cuts and where space is too limited for a conventional stroke All hand-sharpened blades are made of carbon-steel, precision-machined, and specially heat-treated to harden the cutting edge so it stays sharp Flexcut Gold sharpening compound keeps your blades in peak condition

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