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Rockler FlexCut® 4-Piece Micro Skew Carving Set

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FlexCut® 4-Piece Micro Skew Carving Set

SKU: 57152 ID: 563498953 UPC: 651646302005

With four minature tip sizes—1/16´´, 1/8´´, 3/16´´ and 1/4´´—this carving set is ideal for the finest detail work: cleaning up tight corners and ridges, carving fine details like mouths, eyes, and adding texture like hair, fur and feathers. Each tool features Flexcut´s signature ergonomic ash handle and a steel blade that arrives pre-honed and ready-to-use. Overall length of the tools is approximately 5-1/2´´. Ideal For: Miniature and fine detail workCleaning up ridges created by gouge cutsCleaning up tight cornersAccessing tight spacesCarving fine details such as mouths and eyes, plus adding texture such as hair, fur and feathers

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