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FlexCut® Deluxe Palm/Knife Set

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FlexCut® Deluxe Palm/Knife Set Pre-honed to a mirror-like edge that turns out smooth shavings right out of the box, the Deluxe Palm & Knife Set marries two popular carving sets to give carvers a wide range of capabilities in one economical package. The set includes four razor-sharp carving knives: a roughing knife, a pelican knife, a detail knife and a mini-detail knife. Add to that five palm tools: a skew, V-tool, and threegouges in 1/8"e, 5/16"e and 3/8"e sizes. The set is packaged in a sturdy wooden box for convenient and safe storage in any work area.Features:Ergonomically designed ash handles allow for long periods of carving without hand fatigueHand-sharpened carving blades are made of carbon-steel, precision-machined, and specially heat-treated to harden the cutting edge so it stays sharp

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