Rockler FlexCut® Interchangeable Micro Gouges

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FlexCut® Interchangeable Micro Gouges

SKU: GRP40001 ID: 620815859

These micro carving gouges are ideal for fine detail work, and feature curved cutting edges for carving hollows, rounds and sweeping curves. They are available in a range of widths and sweeps. Lower sweep #s are flatter, while higher #s are more U-shaped. All are unhandled carving tools, and fit the Flexcut® SK100 Quick Connect Handle (20219, sold separately). As with all Flexcut carving tools, they are pre-sharpened and pre-honed to a razor edge.Features:Unhandled carving tools let you save space and money by using the same handle with a wide variety of interchangeable carving bladesUse with the Flexcut® SK100 ABS Handle for Interchangeable Carving Tools (#20219, sold separately)With the appropriate adapter, Flexcut´s interchangeable carving tools can also be used with a reciprocating power carverBlades are pre-sharpened and pre-honed so they´re ready to use right out of the boxFor sets of interchangeable blades with handles, see (#60336, #60345 and #26118, sold separately)

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