Rockler FlexCut® Mini Detail Skew Knife

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FlexCut® Mini Detail Skew Knife

SKU: 44483 ID: 504242450 UPC: 651646500319

Create intricate carvings right out of the box with this razor-sharp Mini Detail Skew Knife from Flexcut! Pre-sharpened and pre-honed to a mirror-like finish,this carving knife features a carbon-steel blade that is precision-machined and heat treated for hardness and long intervals between sharpenings. Sculpted ash handles allow for extended use with minimal hand fatigue.Features:Ergonomically designed ash handles allow for long periods of carving without hand fatigueHand-sharpened carving blades are made of carbon-steel, precision-machined,and specially heat-treated to harden the cutting edge so it stays sharp

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