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Folding Double-Sided Diamond Stone, Fine Grit (600)/Coarse Grit (250)

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Folding Double-Sided Diamond Stone, Fine Grit (600)/Coarse Grit (250) The EZE-Fold Double-Sided Diamond Stone features a folding handle that protects the diamond abrasive when closed, and acts as a handle when open. Tuck it into your pants pocket or apron pocket for quick sharpenings in the field or around the shop. Combines the highest quality industrial-grade diamond particles with a stainless alloy that is bonded to a precision matched metal substrate. The resulting surface measures about 72 on the Rockwell C hardness scale, and works with carbide, ceramic, tool steel, hardened materials and the newer stainless steels. With a coarse 250 grit on one face and a fine 600 grit on the other, you can smooth out the larger imperfections quickly before switching to the finer grit for the final honing. Use for hunting and fishing knives, kitchen knives, small chisels, router bits, saw blades and moreDouble-sided—just flip it over to change gradesFlat surface won´t wear away or ´´dish´´ over timeLong-lasting, durable diamond abrasiveMade in USA

Only $29.99 at Rockler.com

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