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Four Irwin Parallel Clamps w/Clamp Rack

Four Irwin Parallel Clamps w/Clamp Rack Irwin Parallel Clamps:With jaws that stay perfectly parallel, these clamps are ideal for accurate clamping of casework and drawers. The unique handle doubles as a clutch - just pull up to disengage. Clutch prevents clamp head from sliding down and pinching your fingers while on the clamp rack. The bar has no serrations, so the jaws slide smoothly and dried glue flakes off easily. Non-marring jaws are a full 2´´ in width to spread clamping pressure over a greater surface area. Extra long screw thread gives a long clamping reach. Removable foot allows you to reverse the head for use as a spreader. 3-3/4´´ throat depth.Parallel Clamp Rack:Organize your bulky parallel clamps once and for all. This specially designed rack holds all brands of parallel clamps - up to 12 in all - for easy and convenient storage. Pre-drilled holes are 16´´ on center for simple mounting to wall studs. Store parallel clamps up to 50´´ in length. Durable galvanized steel construction. 24´´ inches long.

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