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Frame Clamping Kit with Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps

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Frame Clamping Kit with Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps: For high pressure clamping (nominal force of 1500 lbs.), 90 degree clamping, or powerful spreading, the new K-Body REVO is an ideal choice. Its large, parallel jaws are uniquely designed to distribute even pressure across the entire surface of your work to stop bowing, turning, and lifting. The K-Body´s updated design includes three removable jaw protection caps to help prevent wear. They are repellent to glue, easily replaceable, and resist paint and grease solvents. A quick-release feature allows the movable jaw to slide up and down the rail by simply angling the comfortable Power-Grip handle. Plus, each clamp includes two slip-on workpiece supports that attach to the rail, providing a stable base and preventing direct contact between the clamp and the actual workpiece. Compatible with K-P clamp blocks and the K-Body Clamp Extender.Bessey K-P Clamp Blocks: This rail and stile clamping kit from Bessie provides perfect squareness when clamping doors, frames, and more. K-P Blocks allow you to cross your clamps without interference while maintaining vertical clamp bodies.They are excellent for raised panel doors, entrance doors, cabinets, window frames, picture frames and boxes. The blocks are compatible with all K-Body clamps from 12´´ to 98´´, and can mount directly to your work surface as a permanent jig.

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