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Freud® 98-318 5-Piece French Door Router Bit Set, Ogee

Freud® 98-318 5-Piece French Door Router Bit Set, Ogee This router bit set allows you to build customized French entry doors and interior passageway doors with divided lites that will brighten up any home. You can create either authentic divided lites, with separate panes of glass in each opening, or use the included muntin joint bit and matching 1/4´´ straight bit for simulated divided lites with a single pane of glass behind the muntins. Both options admit abundant sunshine and ambient light into the rooms of your home. The bit set uses cope-and-stick construction reinforced by rugged mortise and tenon joints, resulting in doors that will last a lifetime. The bits are larger than standard rail and stile bits, and are capable of cutting joints for doors from 1-3/8´´ to 1-3/4´´ thick. Because of the design of the cutters, the tenons can be any length you desire.Features:Create custom full lite or true divided lite French doors in any size, and with any wood species you chooseFive Piece Set includes bits to make perfect intersection joints in simulated divided light grills (useful when you want the French door look, but the simplicity of a single pane of glass)Unique design allows woodworkers to produce tenons of any length for extra-strong joints!Perfectly matched bits are designed to produce 1-3/4´´ thick exterior or 1-3/8´´ interior doors5-piece sets are available in Roundover, Ogee, and Cove & Bead profilesUse on table-mounted portable routers

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