Rockler Freud® LU94M Industrial Plastic Saw Blades

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Freud® LU94M Industrial Plastic Saw Blades

SKU: GRP32399_1 ID: 524074495

This industrial blade cuts acrylics, polycarbonates and other plastics, leaving a smooth finish without melting. By combining micrograin carbide tips with a specially modified triple chip grind these blades will give a clean smooth cut. These blades produce less heat keeping the cut edge crisp.Features:Silver I.C.E.™ (Industrial Cooling Element) coating helps resist heat build-up up to two times longer than standard, polished steel blades. The extra protection from heat stress and pitch build-up helps reduce drag, extending the life of your blade and saw motor Modified Triple Chip Grind (MTCG) tooth design helps the blade stay cool while it cuts so your work surface never starts to melt Negative hook angle keeps the blade from being too aggressive, minimizing the possibility of melting and chipping Silver I.C.E.™ (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating is a revolutionary coating that resists corrosion and resin or "pitch" build-up and resists heat up to 2 times longer than standard polished blades Features Ti-Co™ Hi-Density Carbide Specialty Blend for maximum performance

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