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Game Drilling/Router Bits

SKU: GRP5910 ID: 524072591

Our templates let you drill 100 holes or more in minutes - making it easier than ever to create lots of games quickly, accurately, and with excellent repeatability!What bit do I need for my project?Plunge Ball Marble Storage Router Bit (#11708): Plunge Ball Marble Storage Router Bit has a 1/2" Shank for making a trough in which to store marbles.Marble Drilling Bit (#41463): Self Centering Marble Drilling Bit keeps the marbles in place.9/32" Self-Centering Bit (#34368): Use 9/32" Self-Centering Bit for game pegs like Cribbage or creating marble holes.#10 Self-Centering Bit (#69007): 1/8" #10 Self-Centering Bit is for making holes for cribbage pegs.

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