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Rockler Garden Chair DVD

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Garden Chair DVD

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While the ever-popular Adirondack chair is comfortable enough for reading or relaxing, it can be difficult to get in and out of. Acclaimed furniture maker Michael Fortune redesigned this classic with better ergonomics, but didn’t stop there. In Garden Chair, an instructional video, he walks you through every step of building his unique version, inspired by the graceful arc of daylily leaves in his own garden. The first phase of this chair project is a complete lesson in bent lamination for creating the sweeping arms, the seat, and back slats. Expand your understanding of this process, as Michael shares all the secrets to success that he’s learned over 40 years. You’ll see how he creates a sturdy, lightweight form, keeps the plies aligned, manages the clamping and gluing, creates a seamless bend, and more. When built from weather-resistant wood, such as mahogany, white oak, hemlock or cedar, this beautiful garden chair will last for decades.This DVD includes sections on: How to build bending forms Resawing thin plies for bent laminations Bent lamination: A successful glue-up Trimming and shaping bent laminations Sawing the other parts and cutting notches Assembling the chair frame Attaching the slats and finishing up

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