Rockler Gearshift Pen Hardware Kit, Chrome

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Gearshift Pen Hardware Kit, Chrome

SKU: 52802 ID: 605246971 UPC: 718122781898

This Gearshift Pen Kit is the ideal writing instrument for any car lover. When you´re ready to write, throw the miniature shift lever into gear with your thumb—pop it into reverse to retract the pen nib. The shifter pattern is based off a five-speed H pattern shifter, and is spring-loaded for quick retraction when put into reverse. The cap is decorated with a hubcap and car tire ringed with real treads. The same tire tread motif appears at the tip. The shifter knob itself is also etched with a tiny five-speed pattern. To top off the detailing, the clip is shaped like a crowbar and attached with two small industrial-looking screws. Easy to make with a single tube. Buy one today and run it through its gears!

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