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Gel Stain - General Finishes - Golden Pine

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The foolproof finishing system! Just wipe on with a clean cloth and you´re ensured of professional quality results without brush marks. Stains dry to the touch in minutes. If you want a darker color, apply another coat of stain in only 6 hours. Once you´re satisfied with the color, apply General Finishes´s satin gel topcoat finish. Special formula repels dust between coats. No sanding needed between coats and no unpleasant smell. Note: Coded as a flammable substance by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Can not be shipped by air or through the postal systemHow To Apply the Oil Base Gel StainApplying the gel stain is a simpler process than traditional stains that require sanding between coats. Before you apply your stain however you should prep your piece to ensure the stain covers correctly. Clean the surface you plan to stain Sand the surface. The suggested grit is 120-150 grit, you want to make sure that any existing finish that might be peeling is removed so the stain applies to the actual project surface. Apply the gel stain liberally with either a cotton cloth, natural bristle brush or a poly foam brush. (Be sure to test a small area of your project to make sure it is the finish you want and that the application method you´ve chosen is working well for you.) Wipe off the gel stain going with the grain using a clean dry cotton cloth or high quality paper towels. Let it dry, between coats give you project a chance to dry. Drying time varies based on the size and nature of your project as well as the environment it´s located in. Normally drying time ranges from 6 to 12 hours. Repeat Steps 3-5 IF you want more coverage or you want a deeper/richer finish.Suggested TopcoatTopcoat can be used as a sealer over paints and stains or as a clean finish. If you want to use a top coat the recommended topcoat is Oil Based Arm-R-Seal Urethane Topcoat (sold separately).

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Home > Rockler > Finishing > Wood Stain > Gel Stains
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