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Glue Application Master Set Rockler Glue Applicator Set:With four glue applicators - a Standard Glue Spout, a silicone brush for wider boards, a roller for very wide boards, and a mortise tip for traditional mortises, domino mortises and biscuit slots - you can deposit glue precisely where you want it, with minimal squeeze-out. The centering attachment fits onto the Standard Spout to keep your glue bead locked on center when edge gluing, while the funnel makes transferring glue from jug to bottle a mess-free experience. Attachments also fit onto Titebond 16 and 32 oz glue bottles.Kit includes 8 oz. Rockler Glue Bottle with Standard SpoutCollar has same thread as Titebond´s 16 and 32 oz bottles, allowing you to interchange bottles, spouts and attachmentsBottle is made of HDPE plastic, which is easy-to-cleanSpout is made of polypropylene plastic, also easy-to-cleanNozzle can be cut for desired glue flowIncludes red sealing cap to prevent tip from becoming cloggedTall, narrow profile is ideal for all sizes of handsGlue Line Centering Attachment:When gluing up panels, simply rotate the bottle to center the glue tip on the edge of the lumber - no more wavy linesAttachment friction fits onto the Standard Glue SpoutMaximum lumber thickness: 1-1/8"eMade of polypropylene plastic for easy cleaningDelrin guide barsSilicone Glue Brush Applicator:Our famous easy-to-clean, reusable glue brush without the need to dip - just squeeze the bottle gently to load the brushSilicone bristles are easy to wash with water, and quickly shed dried glue for long-lasting serviceDried glue peels off easily to restore the brush to pristine conditionUnlike traditional brushes, the silicone brush won´t shed bristles into your bead of glueThreads compatible with Titebond 16 and 32 oz bottlesGlue Roller Applicator:Glue Roller body and axle are made of polypropylene plastic, and roller is made of thermoplastic rubber - all very easy-to-cleanLarge, elongated tip hole for good flowIncludes integral fold-away tip plug to prevent tip from becoming cloggedErgonomically designed with angled headTip is easily visible so you can gauge your glue flow visuallyThread is compatible with Titebond 16 and 32 oz bottlesMortise Glue Applicator:Flattened design fits into traditional mortises, Domino mortises, biscuit slotsand other grooves that traditional spouts can´t reach intoPolypropylene plastic for easy cleanupThread is compatible with Titebond 16 and 32 oz bottlesGlue Funnel:Threads onto your glue bottle to make transferring glue jug to bottle drip-freePolypropylene plastic for easy cleanupThread is compatible with Titebond 16 and 32 oz bottlesCleaning Brush:Narrow profile and flexible wire handle make it easy to reach into the tight spaces of the mortise tip and rollerDouble-ended with two brush types: stiff bristles and soft bristlesRockler 3-Piece Silicone Glue Application Kit: In response to the rave reviews for our Silicone Glue Brush, Rockler is now offering the brush bundled with our flexible Silicone Tray and Silicone Spreader, all featuring the same easy cleanup as the original brush. The spreader is ideal for evenly distributing glue over broad surfaces, such as when gluing up plinth blocks, corbels or thick table legs. One swipe with the spreader leaves neat rows of "eraked"e glue, which fill in after a few seconds for perfect distribution. When you´re done with your glueup, just rinse with water, or simply set it aside, and the glue will easily flake off by the following day. The Silicone Tray features a small saddle in the end, which holds your brush so that any stray drips go back into the pan when you´re not brushing. Rockler Silicone Mini Glue Brush, 2-Pack: No more throwing away countless acid brushes - this brush cleans up with a quick rinse under a faucet, or simply leave it to dry, and the glue peels off, leaving the bristles perfectly intact. The miniature 3/8"e brush tip is ideal for crafts and detail work like reaching into finger joints, dovetails, and for spreading glue on narrow stock. Use the 1/8"edropper tip to dispense the perfect amount of glue into dowel holes, mortises, or onto small moldings, all with minimal squeeze-out.

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