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Rockler Goof Off Ultimate Remover

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Goof Off Ultimate Remover

SKU: 28715 ID: 479642880 UPC: 93945306580

It´s potent, it´s powerful, it´s a woodshop essential! Goof Off quickly removescrusted-on glue, adhesive residue, dried latex paint and more. Ideal for cleaningclamps, recycling old workpieces, getting tough stains off equipment, and a varietyof non-shop jobs. Not recommended for use on plastics, fiberglass, vinyls or oxydizedmetals. Available in 12 oz. spray can.Please note that this item can only be shipped by UPS Ground to addresses within the continental United States.Removes dried glue, adhesive residue, latex paint, caulk, marker and pen ink, whitecorrection fluid, crayon, asphalt, tar, lipstick, chewing gum, oil, grease, scuff marks,candle wax, printer ink and more!For use on:Wood MetalGlassBrickConcreteMost fabricsLaminated counter topsNylon, polypropylene, and wool carpetsFully cured varnished and oil-base painted surfaces

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