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Rockler Gorilla Gripper Plywood Carrier

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Gorilla Gripper Plywood Carrier

SKU: 32065 ID: 479644223 UPC: 851879000109

At last, here´s a panel carrier that makes carrying plywood, drywall and other heavy sheet goods safe and easy on your joints. Unlike many carriers, the Gorilla Gripper clamps onto the top edge of the sheet, eliminating any bending or stooping, and allowing you to carry most sheet sizes with your hand comfortably locked in place over your shoulder. Simply slip it on, lift, and the Gorilla Gripper automatically clamps onto any stock from 0"e-3/4"e. The incredible leverage and ultra-grippy pads won´t slip, even on melamine. And with the load bearing down on your palm rather than straining at your fingers in a lower position, it´s much easier on the muscles of your hand. Also great for sliding panels out of a vertical storage rack!

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