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Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick To get the best performance from your bench grinder or grinding wheel, dress the wheel with this high quality Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick from Norton Abrasives. It´s the ideal all-around candidate for keeping your grinding wheels flat, sharp and running smoothly. Dress it quickly to achieve a faster cut, or slowly to achieve the finest polish.Technical Details:The Norton Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick measures 1"e x 1"e x 6"e.Silicon Carbide, Medium abrasive.Dressing sticks are used for truing and dressing bench and pedestal grinding wheels. Holding the abrasive stick on the grinding wheel face while the wheel turns will "etrue"e the wheel back into round, producing a flat grinding face.To clean or sharpen the wheel, move the dressing stick back and forth across the grinding wheel face. Moving the stick quickly causes the grinding wheel face to be rougher, which results in faster metal removal, and rougher finishes on the workpiece. Moving the stick slowly causes the grinding wheel face to be smoother, which results in less metal removed, and finer surface finishes on the workpiece (primarily for dimensioning or polishing of tools).

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