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Grr-Ripper Gravity Heel Kit

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Grr-Ripper Gravity Heel Kit The Grr-Ripper Gravity Heel Kit provides a positive hook that grips the end of your board, ideal when you need additional support for feeding hard or heavy stock through your table saw, bandsaw or router table. The heel drops down automatically, aided only by gravity, and retracts when placed in the middle of the board. This means there´s no need to remove it or adjust it when it´s not needed. The Gravity Heel can also be adjusted laterally to provide backup support when you wish to prevent grain blowout of any kind. Simply saw through the heel to provide zero-clearance support. Five sacrificial heels are included, plus two heel spacers and mounting hardware. Fully adjustable for stock thicknesses from 0-1´´Fits all existing Grr-Ripper push blocksEasy to use with two push blocks and the leapfrog method; heels grab the tail end of your board and automatically retract mid-boardIncreases control and stability when feeding long or short stock—provides extra support to help feed stock and prevent blow out

Only $15.99 at Rockler.com

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