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Hand-Woven Nickel Color Grille

Hand-Woven Nickel Color Grille Our beautiful hand-woven grille is now available in nickel color! Made to your specifications for a truly elegant look, it’s a great decorative enhancement for entertainment centers, wine cabinets and racks, curio and china cabinets, and kitchen dividers and cabinets. May be used with or without glass panels.This solid metal alloy is not a coating and won´t wear off. The combination of copper, nickel and zinc creates the silver look.Available in widths up to 24´´ and any length you need!Note: Because all woven wire grilles are made to order, returns are not accepted. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. When your grille arrives, it may seem somewhat large. Just squeeze the grille vertically (with the length) to conform to the size you need.Priced per square foot. To determine your price, multiply the length x width in inches and divide by 144. Round up to the next whole number. (For example: 20"e x 60"e = 1200"e and 1200"e ÷ 144 = 8.3. Your order is for 9 square feet; but grill will be woven to exact size.Size restrictions: The Post Office and UPS will only ship grilles measuring 100´´ in length and girth combined. Grilles exceeding these sizes are available, but they must be shipped by truck (an additional freight charge must be paid on delivery). If you need larger grille, please contact us for information.Grille is made from a combination of copper, nickel, zinc and other metals.

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