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Handmade Music Factory Book

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Full of fun, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and loads of character, the homemade instruments in this book will spark your imagination and inspire you to build your own. Handyman Mike Orr leads you through the process of building eight low-cost instruments, including a one-string soup can guitar, a hubcap banjo, and a guitar made out of a vintage ironing board. Plus, he´ll teach you how to make your own amp with parts readily available from any electronics store, and of course, how to find your own salvage parts for free.Content: Cigar Box Guitar Hubcap Banjo Cookie Tin Guitar Stand-Up Lap Steel Guitar Washtub Bass Stomp Box Amplified Washboard And more! Introduction Chapter 1: Gallery of Handmade Primitive Stringed Instruments Chapter 2: Tools, Materials, and Basic Techniques Chapter 3: Step-by-Step Projects Chapter 4: Plugged In! Appendix

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