Rockler Hingemaster Truss Head Screws, #8 x 3/4´´

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Hingemaster Truss Head Screws, #8 x 3/4´´

SKU: 42342 ID: 506243389 UPC: 733175423427

The self-drilling tip on Deerwood´s Hingemaster Truss Head Screws greatly reduce the risk of splitting when driving screws without a pilot hole. That time-saving benefit makes them a favorite of professional woodworkers. The large bearing surface of the screw head also helps eliminate pull-through, and makes the screws ideal for fastening brackets and hardware. The screws also feature a Recex® Square-drive/Phillips combination head, which can be driven by either a square-drive or a phillips bit. Truss head with large bearing surface is ideal for fastening hardware and brackets.

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