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Rockler Incra® HingeCrafter

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Incra® HingeCrafter

SKU: 38848 ID: 479646446 UPC: 751922110017

Shape and cut wooden hinges that look just like the metal version - ideal for everything from jewelry boxes to cabinets. Just combine your #25971 Incra Jig positioner or #24981 Incra Lead Screw 17"e Fence System with the HingeCrafter drill guide and the results will be beautiful wood hinges ready to glue right into your project. Easily make four hinge barrel diameters: 3/8"e, 1/2"e, 5/8"e and 3/4"e. The two smaller sizes are ideal for horizontal applications like jewelry boxes and humidors, while the two larger sizes are perfect for vertical hinge applications such as cabinet doors.Features: Make any hinge length up to 10-1/2"e with the included drill bit; your only limit is twice the useable length of your drill bit Kit includes HingeCrafter with drill guide bushings already installed, instructions and drill bit Just add the straight bit and round-over cutters for your choice of barrel diameter

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