Rockler Incra® Miter V120 Gauge

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Incra® Miter V120 Gauge

SKU: 26537 ID: 479642118 UPC: 751922200541

Enjoy absolute accuracy and tight-fitting, low-friction operation with this premium miter gauge. Laser-cut AngleLOCK stops in 1° increments from +/- 60° (plus special stops at +/- 22.5°) give you ultra-fine precision across the board, while a GlideLOCK miter bar adjusts for a no-slop fit in any standard miter slot. The V120 offers the precision of far more expensive miter gauges without the high price-point. Designed for smooth, slop-free use on a wide variety of tools, it includes a removable T-clip to ensure compatibility with any tool with a standard, or near standard, 3/4" x 3/8" miter slot (many older or smaller tools have miter channels without the "T-slot"). Features all steel machined and laser cut components.

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